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Our Services

At the Roth Companies, our professionals are here to support you throughout your financial life. Today and tomorrow, our goal is to serve as the experienced team you can turn to at any point for support and guidance. We seek to help you find gaps in your wealth management, identify forward-looking strategies, and create a plan for achieving the prosperity you desire.

As our client, we support you with an integrative wealth management process that starts by deeply understanding who you are and the values and goals you care about. From there, we custom tailor the services and strategies that reflect your unique needs. Proactive communication is the backbone of our support. We believe that providing ongoing education and information is key to helping you find confidence in the road ahead.

Financial Planning

We are committed to knowing the various goals you have throughout your life so that we can build a unique, strategic financial plan that evolves with you.

  • Assess Your Short and Long-Term Financial Needs
  • Prioritize Goals and Objectives
  • Review Existing Plans
  • Assess Current Tax Strategies
  • Review Risk Management Strategies

Retirement Planning

You can only retire when you have an in-depth plan to guide you. We’ll work to ensure you optimize your retirement strategies in every step.

  • Analyze Retirement Goals
  • Review Current Retirement-Income Sources
  • Create Distribution Strategies
  • Identify Retirement-Income Investment Opportunities
  • Implement Retirement Savings Strategies
  • Assess Annuities Strategies
  • Create Tax Savings/Efficiencies

Estate Planning

To responsibly manage your legacy, you must protect and preserve your estate. We’ll help you put every piece in place with a coordinated plan.

  • Analyze Estate Planning Goals
  • Create Will & Trust Strategies
  • Conduct Liquidity Analysis
  • Create Equitable Distribution Plan
  • Plan for Special Needs
  • Identify Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Prepare for Retirement Benefits
  • Address Long-Term Care Needs
  • Coordinate Life Insurance Trusts
  • Protect From Unnecessary Fees and Taxes

Investment Management

Investing for your unique financial goals, risk preferences, and time horizon is essential for maximizing your opportunities. We’ll help you create and manage a portfolio that best reflects your investment needs.

  • Assess Risk Tolerance
  • Review Your Asset Allocation
  • Coordinate Asset Transfers
  • Manage IRA Accounts/Rollovers
  • Review Investment Performance
  • Maximize Strategies for Taxable Accounts
  • Implement Investment Strategies
  • Rebalance Portfolio, as needed
  • Review Annuity Strategies
  • Provide Annuity Education

Business Planning

A business is only as financially successful as the planning efforts you put behind it. We’ll help you coordinate all the pieces and ensure you implement strategies that also align with your personal finances.

  • Understanding and Identifying Owner Objectives
  • Quantifying Business and Personal Financial Resources
  • Maximizing and Protecting Business Value
  • Ownership Transfers to Third Parties
  • Ownership Transfers to Insiders
  • Business Continuity/Succession Plan
  • Personal Wealth and Estate Planning
  • Family Business Planning
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Business Valuation

Insurance Analysis

Used proactively, insurance is a risk-management strategy that helps you to better protect your estate and assets — while setting up others with the tools they need for their own financial readiness. We can analyze your current coverage and create a plan to help maximize your options.

  • Identify Insurance Coverage Gaps and Opportunities
  • Develop Supplemental Retirement Income
  • Implement a Life Insurance Retirement Plan
  • Create Tax-Free Income
  • Optimize Long-Term Care Insurance Strategies
  • Analyze Disability Insurance Plans

Survivor Income Planning

When one spouse passes away, you need to have financial strategies in place to support this new life phase. We’ll help you protect your loved one’s financial wellness while creating a plan that enables a seamless transition of assets.

  • Identify Survivor Income Goals
  • Analyze Current and Future Sources of Income
  • Implement Survivor Income Strategies

Charitable Planning

Your philanthropic goals not only reflect your values—they directly relate to the strategies you create for tax-efficiently managing your estate. We’ll help you create a thoughtful charitable plan that takes into account your unique financial goals and tax-strategy needs.

  • Optimize Available Income Tax Benefits
  • Integrate Income Tax Benefits
  • Design Charitable Gifts
  • Select the Right Philanthropic Vehicle
  • Address Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Address Capital Gains Bypass Trusts
  • Select Appropriate Assets to Fund Charitable Entity
  • Reduce Charitable Trust Capital Gains From Sale of Land, Business, Stocks, etc.
  • Create Wealth Replacement Trusts
  • Design Life Insurance & Life Estates Gifts

Taxwise Strategies

Addressing taxes can be a burdensome topic for many people, yet it’s essential for creating healthy financial outlooks and strategies. No matter your financial goals, we can work with you to strategically address the following tax items:

  • Capital Gain Tax
  • Estate Tax
  • Gift Tax
  • Retirement Plan Limits
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Charitable Trust Tax Benefits
  • Retirement Plan Taxes
  • Withdrawals Before Age 59.5
  • Tax Deferral
  • Tax Deductions
  • Tax-Advantaged Alternatives
  • Tax Strategies for Retirement Plans
  • Tax-Free Investments
  • Mutual Fund Profits
  • Tax-Free Insurance Upgrades