Our Firm

      At The Roth Companies, we understand that each client has a unique set of circumstances and corresponding financial objectives.  Many clients are interested in reducing taxes and financial costs that they don't recognize they're overpaying.  Other clients are concerned with planning for college education.  Some clients want to plan for retirement and advanced age in order to create a distribution of assets after death and leave a legacy.  Business owners hope to succeed in a business venture, either alone or with partners.  Thinking ahead becomes key with any of these matters.

 We know that none of these concerns are strictly involving your financial affairs, but are tied to your overall plans.  For these reasons, we advocate a team approach to help crystallize your important financial matters.  Many clients already have a trusted broker, attorney, accountant or banker already advising them on these important financial issues.  We work directly with your current financial advisors to ensure the process to your solution is consistent with your financial objectives.  As part of our commitment to team-oriented services, we strive to develop trusted relationships with our clients and other advisors to help fulfill our clients ultimate goals and objectives.